At Banks & Banks Consulting, we provide geospatial services backed by the experience of a seasoned group of individuals with national and international geospatial experience. This wide diversity of experience benefits our clients by offering the latest technology solutions that demand technical expertise. Located in northeast Florida, Banks & Banks Consulting offers solutions in Geographic Information Systems along with 3D modeling capabilities. Currently, our services are limited to the following counties:

  • Duval
  • St. Johns
  • Clay
  • Flagler
  • Nassau

And we are proud to serve the following cities and surrounding areas: St. Augustine Beach, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Palatka and Atlantic Beach.

Our web site is an information system that clients can find immediate geospatial, GIS, and technological solutions. A notable few services this web site offers is the following:

  • Online ordering system
  • Online estimate form with file attachment
  • Geospatial Professionals

At Banks & Banks Consulting, we offer a selective group of specialized service and provide the broader more conventional Professional Surveying and Mapping services that customers need to complete their projects.

Geospatial Services

Due to the advancing technologies in the areas of Geomatics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Technology, the terminology “land surveyors” does not encompass the broad range of knowledge and abilities of today’s professional. It is true the conventional methods still apply today; however, the advances in Global Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems are paramount to the cost versus benefit of operating a successful business. Geospatial services refer to the three and four dimensional spaces, which are the expected level of services for the 21st century. By definition, Geospatial is a term widely used to describe the combination of spatial software and analytical methods with terrestrial or geographic datasets. The term is often used in conjunction with Geographic Information Systems and Geomatics, never separately.

 Geospatial Software Development

At Banks & Banks, we offer software development for the Geospatial community. We develop applications for Civil 3D, ESRI ArcMap Server, AutoDesk Mapguide Server and Map 3D. The primary programming languages used are C# and ASP.NET. Spatial Business software applications which analyze the following data:

  • Location of Client Base
  • Geographical Risk Patterns
  • Plotting Regional Sales Campaigns
  • Understanding Environmental Impact Patterns

Promoting and developing your business by implementing spatial systems is in the practical stage. This means the business development of clientele based on limited knowledge (lists) is being merged with the newer technologies that have a visual representation of the data for analysis. As a result of using spatial systems, the business marketing strategies change from the broad to a more granular focus on the specific clients with particular goals in mind.


Merged Expertise

Marvin R. Banks Surveyors merges with Banks & Banks Consulting

Marvin R. Banks Surveyors was started in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990. We provide Professional Land Surveying and Mapping service to northeast Florida and surrounding counties. Marvin R. Banks Land Surveyors is a member of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society and a Surveying and Mapping Business in the State of Florida. After 21 years of service, Marvin R. Banks Surveyors Incorporated located in Jacksonville, Florida has merged with Banks & Banks Consulting. Marvin has since retired and occasionally works on various projects.